Open Access

UK Zhende Publishing Limited and the European Association for the Development of Renewable Energies, Environment and Power Quality (EA4EPQ), Reg. No. 169208, are agree that scientific literature should be publicly available, free of charge on the internet so that those who are interested can read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, refer to and, in any other conceivable legal way, use full texts without encountering any financial, legal or technical barriers other than those associated with Internet access itself then, in our General Meeting of May 8th 2015, we have decided to accept all the statements about Open Access established by:

and then all the papers published in our Renewable Energy and Power Quality Journal (RE&PQJ), ISSN 2172-038 X (x=reference-numbers for each volume and paper), that they are of free access from the first edition of 2002 till to the edition of 2015, now we will consider that all the paper published by RE&PQJ are scientific and technical documents of libre open access and then they will be of free online access plus some additional usage rights in accordance with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. We will try to make this possible preparing the appropriate software solutions and, meantime, we'll try to include all the papers published by RE&PQJ in one public repository.

RE&PQJ-Open Access Agreement

Other recommendations and declaration about Open Access

ERC Scientific Council Guidelines for Open Access

Recommendations from the EUA Working Group on Open Access adopted by the
EUA Council on 26th of March 2008 (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Alhambra Declaration on Open Access